Act. Inform. Monitor.

AIM is IT - an Information Technology platform to keep stakeholders In Tune with the available high Impact Tools & Techniques and In Touch with the Institutional Teams that provide development support to farming, fishing, food, beverage and agri-based industries. In four Integrated Themes.


A single-purposed searchable hub to capture, store, manage and share information on Activities/Actions taken by Institutions/Individuals to Mobilize/Manage agriculture development policies, programmes and projects. The database provides quick access on 'the what' is being done 'by/with whom', 'why/for who' and 'how', updated quarterly.

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A.I.M. Features

These features focus attention and provide concise information on three key and inextricably linked areas in development of the farming, fishing, food, beverage and agri-based industries in the Caribbean.


CARDI Moruga Red Pepper – Real Hottt!

26 April, 2017

The Caribbean heat is not just about the weather; it’s also about a particular hot pepper variety developed by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). The CARDI ‘Moruga Red’ is described by farmers as ‘a real good pepper’, ‘an all-rounder’, ‘fully-Caribbean’ and ‘good for the fresh local and export markets and local processed (mash) market’. The pepper also took centre-stage at an APP-organised training session for small-scale food processors in Antigua. See video highlights.

Integrated Themes

  • Ecosytems & Natural Resources

    The physical resources that are extracted, harnessed and used to produce products (goods and services) to meet demand, and are affected by advancing transformative processes and climate change impacts.

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  • Technology, Innovation & Knowledge Transfer

    The advancing transformative processes that combine the use natural resources with other inputs, and services to create the products (goods and services) along the entire value chain.

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  • Food Systems & Value Chains

    The economic and institutional structures that define and condition the operating environment for public sector interventions and private initiatives in the agriculture and food system.

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  • Human & Social Development

    The situation of human interactions (as an individual or collective) in natural resources utilisation, through technology-driven transformation processes, within economic-institutional structures.

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