Integrated Themes

What are integrated themes?

These 4 broad cross-cutting Integrated Themes collectively cover the focus and interventions of countries to improve the situation in, and outlook for the development of agriculture and producers, communities, consumers and economies that are involved in and depend on the success and sustainability of farming, fishing, food, beverage and agri-based industries in the Caribbean.

Ecosystems & Natural Resources

The physical resources - land, forest, soil, water (fresh and marine), eco-system services and other natural resources - that are extracted, harnessed and used to produce products (goods and services) to meet demand, and are affected by advancing transformative processes and climate change impacts.

Technology, Innovation & Knowledge Transfer

The advancing transformative processes (technologies, systems, knowledge and practices) that combine the use natural resources with other inputs (eco-friendly chemicals, engineered and improved germplasm, materials and supplies), and services (infrastructure, finance, extension) to create the products (goods and services) along the entire value chain and which impact the quality of ecosystem and agricultural health, food safety, food security and nutrition.

Food Systems & Value Chains

The economic and institutional structures that define and condition the operating environment for public sector interventions and private initiatives in the agriculture and food system, with emphasis on the continuous enhancement of the 'products' (goods and services), expansion of 'markets' and efficiency of the 'channels' that ultimately promote, move and distribute products to the consumer.

Human & Social Development

The situation of human interactions (as an individual or collective) in natural resources utilisation, through technology-driven transformation processes, within economic-institutional structures that determine their relative contributions to and shares in the wealth generated and impact their capacity to achieve their goals, improve livelihoods and quality of life.